5 ways to make your essay impressive

5 Ways To Make Your Essay Impressive

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When it comes to writing an essay, there is a question of if it will be good. And then there is the question of how good it will be. You can always settle for putting together something that is adequate and will let you pass. Or you can produce the custom essay writing that will earn you the highest marks in your class. However, there is also the option of taking a path that will break all barriers and leave your readers feeling overwhelmed.

After all, academic writing should ideally be about more than just grades. If you want to compose something that will thoroughly impress your audiences and leave a profound impact on them, then read on.

Speak Actively

The foremost thing to be mindful of is the tone you will be using in the paper. Avoid using a passive tone, and opt for an active one. An active voice is one where the subject of the sentence ‘acts’ whereas a passive one is where the subject is acted upon. Many students opt to write in the former, assuming it will make their work sound more scholarly and formal. While this may be the case for other types of academic projects, it makes essays seem inexcusably dull. An active tone would go a long way in making your essay interesting and distinct from its competition.

Literary Devices

In order to make your essay impressive, you need to add a lot of personal characteristic and flavor to it. This is easier said than done, but there is a short-cut that you can utilize. Just include literary devices in your paper. These techniques have been mastered and honed over centuries. They are guaranteed methods of making your content not just more interesting and unique, but also more dynamic. Nevertheless, not all of these literary devices are appropriate for use in academic essays. Here is a short list of the ones we recommend you should try using in your paper;-

  • Hyperbole
  • Foreshadowing
  • Metaphor/Simile
  • Imagery
  • Personification

Exploit Sentimentality

Another thing your paper needs to achieve in order to have a spell-bound effect is to convince its readers of its thesis. There are multiple ways you can go about this challenge, but the most effective and tricky one is to exploit their empathy. Statistics, facts, and studies simply do not elicit an emotional response. You need to include specific, human examples in your essay and frame them in such a way that they overwhelm your reader. By doing this, not only will you convince them of your point of view, but you will also leave them emotionally shaken.

Deploy Rhetorical Questions

In order for your readers to finish your paper and feel mesmerized, they have to finish reading it. For this, you need a guaranteed technique that will retain their attention. Rhetorical questions are excellent in this regard. While it is advised that you refrain from asking too many of them, a small but healthy amount is sure to keep audiences interested in your content. Moreover, rhetorical questions also allow you to directly engage with the readers and manipulate their thought-process. Altogether, making them a powerful took for manipulating opinions.

Relate It To The Real-World

If the subject-matter of your essay is something that is incredibly drab and dull, you should try relating its relation to the real world. Explain what a certain physics’ theory could mean for space travel or what a specific law could do to increase government transparency. These connections will help make your content more relatable and comprehensible for readers; especially those ones that are unacquainted with the subject.

With these five features, you can make your essay one that will be impossible to put-down and forget. While it can be a little tricky to get the perfect hang of them, you will become a legendary essay writer once you do.

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