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Teaching: The Unravelling Of Reality

By Essays Tigers on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 No Comments

Our society is embedded in an ideology that each student must excel in their academics, that each individual should strive to achieve an A*. However, that is not always the case, as each individual possesses their own distinctive trait and flair, each person has a different capacity to deal with different elements. Some students can whip up and spin beautiful narratives around an idea, some can diligently and tactfully deal with figures, whilst come can paint the most vivid and imaginative picture with their paintbrush strokes. However, our society, paired with its myopic vantage point tends to look at intelligence with a very minuscular lens. They tend to perceive or label an individual as a ‘genius’, if their IQ is above 140, whilst if someone’s IQ is below 100, then they become ‘dumb’ or ‘slow’. Nevertheless, these stereotypical views, which stratify individuals into different factions can have a debilitating effect on an individual’s capacity to think effectively. A teacher, in particular, knows the true potential of their student, they can gauge the potential and capability of the student. As a consequence, through this learning experience, teachers acquire the knowledge of what the reality and the true picture of teaching is. Nonetheless, certain circumstances arise where the students get rendered incapable of amalgamating different features into a narrative. Then, in such strenuous moments, the best bet is to make use of the best essay writing service in the UK. As these facilities are equipped with the ability to create distinct and unique pieces of essays, which are most likely to glean the attention of the reader and thus allow the student to gain their desired grade.

Failure: There is saying that ‘Mistakes are proof that you are trying’. Teachers are well-equipped with the idea of their student failing, as most of their students tend to face this circumstance. A teacher through their teaching experience realizes that failure is the biggest learning block for any student. A failure can teach many more things than a success ever can; a failure teaches the student to gauge exactly where they went wrong, accept their mistake and also build on their strengths whilst polishing their acquired capacities. A failure forces the student to reflect upon their misgivings and loopholes, empowering them to not make those mistakes again. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, a failure cannot cripple but instead allow you to flourish with a renewed vigor, despite it being a bitter pill to swallow in the beginning.

Learn Differently: Through the course of their teaching, a teacher will realize that each individual will eventually acquire a particular facet of a detail, but with an individual take. Students are not like a herd of sheep, they require individual attention, which can allow them to flourish into the individual they are. Certain students learn better with a visual medium, whilst certain students absorb information better by hearing their educational content. Hence, students shouldn’t be constructed in a narrow space due to their inability to grasp onto a particular set of information, as it is not their fault but instead, the fault of the way classrooms are set out.

On a whole, the enlightening experience of teaching educates the teacher about how each individual can prosper in their own domain. It clears out the smokescreen and the glossy image surrounding education and teaches them that there is an alternative reality of academics, where not everyone is destined to achieve an A*.

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