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How Can One Write An Academic Essay With Five Components?

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Academic essays contribute largely to an individual’s CGPA. Hence, they should be constructed meticulously in order to achieve an exceptional grade. The traditional academic essays consist of five fundamental components, which when mastered, can yield stupendous academic essays.

In order to write exemplary academic essays, reading and observing other well-worded essays is essential. This allows for comprehension of different writing styles which can further motivate an individual to select and adapt to a technique which is most harmonious to an individual’s own writing style. This can be done with the assistance of multiple websites that offer a variety of Essay Examples consisting of powerful, influentially articulated academic essays.

The five key components of a compelling academic essay are:

  1. Introduction: The introductory paragraph of every academic essay should be paid the most attention to, as it serves as a road book for any form of an academic essay. The first paragraph should be able to balance precision while simultaneously providing detail of the topic. At this stage of writing, specific diligence should be given to the tone and content of writing as this will contribute to the reader’s attention and encourage the reader to continue reading the essay. Hence, an attention-grabbing statement should be placed at the beginning of any kind of academic essay. The introductory paragraph should be inclusive of a thesis statement, which is the most important aspect of an essay. A thesis statement is the essay’s main intention which gives the reader an insight into the writer’s suggestions and evidence. However, unlike the essay’s topic, a thesis statement covers an entire subject of the essay.  A thesis statement should comprise of original, specific, intellectual and well think out arguments which should be researched beforehand. Additionally, a thesis statement should be concise and should only contribute to two-three lines of the essay.
  1. Body Paragraph one: Body paragraphs of an academic essay reflects the writer’s ideas and provides arguments and evidence to support those ideas. At this stage of essay writing, the initial conduction of research proves itself to be serviceable. The initial body paragraph should convey the first argument that is the most influential along with its examples. Furthermore, a topic statement should be included which demonstrates the central idea of the paragraph. The content of this paragraph should be ingenious and should include a statement that links itself to the introductory paragraph.
  1. Body paragraph two: Similar to the first body paragraph, the second body paragraph also includes the arguments and evidences. However, this paragraph should have the next to strongest argument of the essay along with its examples and evidences. It is essential to make sure that the transition of sentences between paragraphs is smooth, hence the last sentence of this paragraph should relate to the first sentence of body paragraph three. This ensure the cohesion of the essay.
  1. Body paragraph three: Similarly, the third body paragraph should include the least significant argument along with its examples. The first sentence of this paragraph should relate to the last sentence of the previous paragraph. The topic sentence should be strategically placed in the first or second line. Additionally, the concluding statement of this paragraph should associate with the concluding paragraph.
  2. Conclusion: The conclusion of every good essay include the re-establishing of the thesis statement along with providing a brief summary of the content stated in the body paragraphs. This maintains the consistency in the essay while reminding the reader of the initial argument. Lastly, the last statement of the essay should be constructed in a way that it reflects the completion of the essay. Hence, by maintaining consistency and following the preceding structure, one can power through writing an academic essay!

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