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How Do You Start Off An Argumentative Essay?

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It’s not uncommon for most of us to get exceptional debating ideas often hours after the argument has concluded. For this reason, argumentative essays serve to be advantageous as they provide you with enough time to plan out and devise your argument strategically.  However, translating your thoughts on paper is relatively tougher than envisioning an argument in your head, but if you have a clear idea of what you want to say, argumentative essays serve to be the easiest platform for you to share your opinions. If you know how to write an essay, writing an argumentative essay would be a piece of cake for you. Argumentative essays follow a parallel pattern as traditional essays, hence they comprise five paragraphs. By taking the following steps into consideration, you can perfect the art of writing an argumentative essay:

Conduct research: Before starting your essay, it is essential to fully grasp the understanding of your topic. Taking this into account, thorough research should be conducted in order to form accurate opinions on the topic. By this means, your writing will exude passion and enthusiasm which can further be influential for the reader.

Identify the difference: Due to the similarity, most students tend to misinterpret persuasive essays as an argumentative essay, this leads to the deduction of the grade. The key difference between constructing an argumentative essay and persuasive essay is the tone of writing. Persuasive essays practice an emotional tone and impact the reader by creating an element of empathy through their writing style. Whereas, argumentative essays embrace a formal tone, embodying meticulous statistics along with factual data, in order to convince the reader.

Concentrate on the tone: The center of attention, in argumentative essays, should be the tone as it demonstrates your knowledge of the subject. When writing your essay, your tone should indicate confidence and certitude. When the formality of your tone exhibits the length of your knowledge, the reader will automatically be convinced by your argument.

Select an argument strategy:  argumentative essays consist of three different kinds of argument strategies:

  • Classical Argument Strategy: this argument procedure is applicable when the reader does not have enough information about the issue at hand. Hence, the introductory paragraph in this approach should aim to establish the reader’s trust in you along with creating their interest in the subject.
  • Rogerian Strategy: this style is referred to when both sides are highly informed and have contradictory views on the topic. Therefore, this strategy focusses on establishing a middle ground with the reader.
  • Toulmin Strategy: similar to the Rogerian style, this strategy is also applied in situations where both parties have conflicting views. However, instead of compromising, this style uses statistics and evidence to change the reader’s point of view.

Catch the reader’s attention: The introduction of your essay is the first impression of your work to the reader. Hence, it should be the most engaging to the reader. The opening of your essay should urge the reader to form an opinion. This can be executed by providing an explanation of the problem at hand. Moreover, both sides of the argument should be precisely explained in order to remove signs of biases from your argumentative essay. This will allow the reader to form their own outlook on the topic. However, it is crucial to mention your own stance on the topic.

Eliminate the reader’s reluctance:  In case, the reader has a contradictory view of the existing topic, you will be challenged to terminate any objections that the reader may have regarding your standpoint. However, you may not always be aware of the reader’s opinion. For this reason, you need to walk in the opposite side’s shoes to identify their reason for the choice. Once, the reasons have been acknowledged, you can move forward with producing a counter-argument that has the tendency to shift the reader’s opinion, which is the foremost goal of an argumentative essay.


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