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How To Improve English Speaking And Writing Skills In A Short Period Of Time?

By Essays Tigers on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 No Comments

Speaking and writing English with the tone depicted in the UK essays is not a cakewalk and it demands practice to master this art of artistry. Students rush to seek this perfection and this serves them with stumbled steps and a lot of demotivation.

There are numerous ways to improve your writing and speaking abilities, some of the easiest methods are listed below for your convenience:

Read a Lot of Books:

If you want to polish your writing and speaking skills, it is recommended to read books that showcase persuasive tone with powerful vocabulary. The books not only communicate you meaningful words but also enhance your creative ability that can come in handy for your future writings.

These books also help you pick the correct note for your speech which may impress the people you converse with in the future.

Watch English Shows:

It is an evident fact that virtual knowledge is perceived better by the learning audience. So use the same principle and tune on to your favourite English show and try to pick the tone used by the characters. Also, don’t forget to turn on the subtitles so that you can read along the lines and know exactly what the character is truly saying.

However, refrain from watching shows that encourage the use of slang as this may serve the adverse result. You may watch shows or movies of any genre until they cater the learning purpose.

Sing Lyrics of Your Favourite Song:

The best way to relax and chill is by listening to different songs of your taste. Attempt listening to songs that have the English origin and their music lies in the region of your interest. Also, try to sing the lyrics of the said song while playing it on your headphone.

You may not catch the lyrics of the song at one go, so listen to the song again and again or Google the lyrics on the web.

Refer to Writing Samples:

Reading writing samples are a great way to direct and streamline your rattled thoughts into one comprehensive guide. Refer to these samples and deduce:

  • The tone of the writer.
  • The way of connecting different pointers.
  • The element of interest used by the writer.
  • The method of carrying the main theme throughout the writing.
  • The evidence presented in the writing.
  • The conclusive remarks made by the writer.

After referring and carefully analysing various diverse samples, you will be able to choose one format as your writing style.

Keep a Dictionary Handy:

You may come across words that will be difficult for you to comprehend and understand. To combat this situation, keep a dictionary handy to solve this problem then and there. This action will also help you add new words to your memory bank every day, eventually building a strong vocabulary.

Practise Writing:

You will never learn to swim in deep waters unless you accustom yourself to the shallow ones; therefore, practise writing every day. It can be a paragraph comprising of three to four sentences or a comprehensively written piece of document. Make sure to evaluate yourself by using different mediums such as the online checking software or by taking an expert opinion etc. Therefore, keep practising to evolve your abilities to speak and write well.

To conclude it can be said that the hard work never goes in vain and one day it pays the individual with the best of outcomes. So never give up, lose hope or stop striving for better because, in the long run, this is what sets you apart from others. Happy learning!

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