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How To Start A Writing Blog In Easy Steps?

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The passion for writing grows even stronger if you immerse yourself in the writing business. This may start small for some like giving a helping hand to write essay introduction for a friend or by helping sibling draft his presentation speech. No matter how small you started, it is evident that your passion grew promptly over the course of time.

One of the best options for a potential writer is to create a blog for himself as it’s a great way to showcase and share the writing skills with others. Blog could be promoted in many ways, and the most effective are social media. Put the link on the Facebook page and buy real likes for it from trusted social media company, you will be surprised with fast searching visibility. Simple steps to start a writing blog are listed below:

Select a Blogging Platform:

There are various blogging platforms available such as the WordPress (hosted or self-hosted), Custom, Moveable Type, Drupal, Gawker, BlogSmith, Tumblr etc.

As the statistics suggest, the most recommended and popular platform is WordPress. It’s easy to use with many options to design your blog’s layout with multiple add-on to select from.

Another reason to select this blogging platform is that your blog will be easily accessible, shared and talked about. Also, this forum provides massive support, in case you get stuck.

Choose Between Self Hosted or Free Alternative Option:

After you have decided to go with the WordPress platform, it is recommended to use the WordPress Self-hosted version as it gives you much more control to write and doesn’t confine you to a certain limit. However, the self-hosted version of WordPress may cost you some money.

There is no such thing called free lunch- true that, if you decide to go with the free alternative you’ll have to bear the following consequences:

  • You Won’t Have Your Own Domain Name:

Your domain name will miss the personalised touch and will have addresses like or which looks really improper for a serious blogger.

  • It Will Limit You:

You won’t get access to the free features provided by the WordPress; also, you won’t be able to upload all the pictures or content you want the world to see.

  • You Don’t Get To Own Your Blog:

This may come as a surprising fact, but yes you can’t claim a place for your blog on someone else’s web property. They decide to keep or delete it, and you can’t argue with that. Pretty disturbing right?

On the flip side by using self-hosted version, you get to name your blog as per your own domain name. In addition to that, you also get to use the unlimited features and share the unlimited bandwidth of content.

Start Blog on Your Own Domain:

Now you need to come up with a domain name and choose a host that can display your blog.

A domain is basically a web or URL address, for example, or are the domain names whereas a hosting company is the one that puts your blog on a site. To better understand the idea of a host, think of it as a memory space that saves your blog; similarly, the hosting company saves your blog on the internet.

Get Started With WordPress:

Your domain will be temporarily registered at first; start working on your site unless the Bluehost provides the real domain for you. After you have acquired your own domain, make some custom changes and you are good to go.

Design Your Blog:

Design your blog by using the unlimited themes and lay the perfect layout by incorporating the boundless options. Remember to reflect the ideas related to writing in your design that aid to your content.

Starting a blog is a big step and since you have decided to take this initiative, it speaks leaps and bounds about the passion you have for writing. It is a proven theory that hard work and zeal pay well in the long run, so give this blog writing your best shot. Good luck and happy blogging!

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