What are some good dissertation topics in sociolinguistics?

What Are Some Good Dissertation Topics In Sociolinguistics?

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Sociolinguistics is the study of language in terms of its origin, relationship and status in the overall societal structure. Students pursuing this course are either curious individuals who desire to learn about numerous languages and how they are developed, or they are mandated to take this subject as a result of their academic institution’s requirements. Essentially, sociolinguistic is a subject that is complex as it deals with a myriad of languages. Often, students find themselves with the dilemma of selecting the right subject matter for their dissertations due to the eclectic nature of the course.

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However, some students are genuinely interested in the subject but still struggle with coming up with dissertation topics. By referring to the ensuing suggestions, students can either write their dissertation on these subjects or use these topics to get inspired:

  • The next global language:

By selecting this topic, students can discuss the need for a new universal language along with collecting the necessary data to inquire about the growing trends in languages. With their findings, students can predict which language has the potential to be the next general language. Furthermore, students can evaluate the language in terms of its strengths and weaknesses along with its impact in the near future.

  • The efficient stage to learn a foreign language:

Additionally, students can conduct researches to certify a standardised stage at which individuals can partake in the journey of familiarising themselves with a foreign language. This research can have many implications in schools and educational setting. Furthermore, it can be worked upon in the later stages for more reliable and consistent results. However, a drawback for this research is the time-consuming method of research. This factor can be eliminated by selecting a sample that has already mastered the languages at different ages and contrasting their results.

  • The use of the internet and its contribution to the English language:

Moreover, students can discuss the effects of the internet and widespread use of social media and its contribution to the English language. According to David Crystal, a linguist, the internet has played a vital role in the increased use of the English language. Based on the findings of this research, more researches can be conducted to view the increased use of different languages as a consequence of social media and the internet.

  • The distinguishing elements in the language in regards to different age groups:

Essentially, students can focus their dissertation on the differences in spoken language in terms of age. In the historical ages, language was used in a formal manner whereas, in this contemporary era, the informal use of language along with the use of slang terms is extremely conventional. Hence, students can base their dissertations to discuss and record these vicissitudes.

With these topics present, students can either write their dissertations on these subjects fluently, or they can use these topics as a basis for their creative thinking. Essentially, by examining the topics and carrying out elaborative research, students can get inspired by an innovative subject matter that they can compose their dissertation on.

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