What are the best secret hidden spots in London to check out?

What Are The Best Secret Hidden Spots In London To Check Out?

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Most people go on a venture to a different city in order to discover hidden areas that make them feel alive. However, most people are bounded by academic or career-related obligations that prevent them from feeling empowered by that feeling of discovery. As a French philosopher, Rousseau once said, “Man is born free, yet we see him everywhere in chains.”

However, the world that we reside in offers a widespread landscape comprising of spots and small places that offers one an opportunity get inspired. However, as students are burdened by the pressure of academia, they often wonder, “can I pay someone to do my essay?’ in that case, they can place an order at an online essay writing service to eliminate the academic stress from their lives.

Essentially, to discover new places, one has to set out on a venture to find those mystic places. As magical as the process may be, it is also time-consuming. On that premise, a list of London’s finest spots has been generated for students who need to take Instagram worthy pictures!

  • St Dunstan’s in the East:

If you desire to get stimulated by the beauty of nature combined with the manmade architecture, visiting this garden is a necessity. St Dunstan’s in the East is a quaint church built in the 1100’s. The pulchritude offered by its splendor enraptures its visitors to stay. This spot is not only perfect for taking aesthetic photographs, but it can also serve as a sanctuary for those who desire to get away from city life. Students can sojourn at these gardens to find themselves spiritually.

  • Camden Passage:

In contrast to the natural beauty offered by the old age churches, Camden passage offers individuals a view of the antique marketplace. With its colorful banners and eclectic items, this place permits students to purchase vintage souvenirs while providing them with a fresh view. For students who are interested in state of the art photography, visiting this high street would be a paradise for their creative skills.

  • The seven noses:

Parallel to its name, the seven noses are masterpiece located in SOHO, created by the genius mind of Rick Buckley. This artifact constitutes a wall with noses of different shapes and size. Hence, students can visit it to admire the artwork and further use it as an inspiration to ignite their own creativity. Furthermore, this unique spot is perfect for occasions when one is participating in an extravagant London based treasure hunt.

  • John Snow’s water pump:

Before the Game Of Thrones fans gets excited and confused, the John snow referred in this feature is a philosopher who is also known as the founding father of Epidemiology. The water pump referred to in this piece is a demonstration of his work which was mainly concerned with water. Located at Broad Wick Street, it is essential to visit this place as it reflects a story in history.

Essentially, students can visit these spots to find the motivation that they are currently lacking. Whether an individual desires to visit a natural, social or artistic environment, they can prompt the creativity that is deficient in their day to day life.

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