Students 5 Wrong Beliefs That Are Holding Them Back -

Students 5 Wrong Beliefs That Are Holding Them Back

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We tend to inculcate and embed certain beliefs into our system, we tend to internalise certain thoughts, and we sometimes start undervaluing our abilities, owing to our lack of confidence, our lack of self-esteem or our mere lack of motivation. We start thinking and believing that our limiting parameters arise from our lack of abilities, our inadequacies or our inherent flaws, which not just destabilise our sense of being but also our capacity to function optimally.

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Follow through to understand the plausible beliefs that are layered within you and could be causing you to cut short your journey to progress and success.

  1. Run After Short-Term Goals:

    We as humans tend to run after short-term goals, as they bring us immediate joy and happiness, which long-term goals fail to do, as they necessarily require more time. However, rather than always putting in the effort and always running after short-term happiness, students should set blocks in place that can play a role in furthering their eventuality. Thus, visualise the future, figure out where you wish to be after five years and work towards that, as merely running after short-lived pleasures will yield no favourable benefits.

  2. ‘No’ Isn’t the End:

    Just because someone said no or just because someone didn’t particularly like the idea you pitched to them, doesn’t necessarily mean this is the end. Rather than harbouring negative sentiments within yourself, understand that a ‘no’ is merely supposed to encourage you to work harder, think bigger and think better.

  3. Not Good Enough:

    There are certain challenges or certain tasks that we completely refrain from partaking in, as we deem ourselves incapable of handling them. However, the reality is not that we can’t handle it, but is instead the fact that we’re swamped with fear and undue fallacies which weigh us down. Thus, rather than miring your headspace in negative thoughts, allow yourself to think free, don’t limit yourself, don’t fear change and be accepting of the opportunities that come your way.

  4. Don’t Have Time:

    Despite us all having the same amount of time, certain people tend to get done with more. Hence, rather than turning down opportunities, due to your lack of interest, which you term as lack of time, make it a point to partake in activities, do more, achieve more and live more, as other people are certainly making the most of the time they have in their hands.

  5. No Energy:

    To put it simply, it’s all about training your mind effectively, as once you do that you can get done with more, without feeling fatigued or drained.

Overall, when it comes to breaking open the shackles that bound you, then the first thing that you should work on fixing, should be your headspace, as it motivates, pushes and drives you regardless of your circumstances.

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