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How To Beat Hurdles And Stay Calm

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If there is one phase in the life of a student that they tend to dread the most, then it is probably their mentally taxing and emotionally crippling period of having to deal with their exam time. Exam time is usually the most draining time for a student, as they have to wrestle and battle their way through. They have to make do with the resources that are available at their disposal, and they have to memorise an immense amount of information, which reluctantly gets lodged into their headspace, as their mind is typically cluttered, is muddled and is getting its attention pulled in various directions. There are varying degrees of hurdles that students face when they have to engage with their academic sphere, as there are dilemmas on both a macro and micro level.

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Follow through to understand how exactly can you stay calm, composed and settled when you’re experiencing debilitating sentiments and circumstances.

Preparation Schedule :

Rather than allowing yourself to fall into a trap or crumble into pieces, as you are unable to process the magnitude of your problem, make it a point to streamline a routine and schedule for yourself. To avoid cramming your schedule, plan days before the day you have your exam, start studying weeks before and be consistent in following your routine, as merely following through on your set plans can eliminate the hurdle of ineffective resource and time management.

Organise Your System :

Due to the challenge that procrastination is, students are unable to settle themselves into a system, as they incessantly feel the need to prolong matters that require immediate tending. Owing to this reason, push yourself into a system, whereby you should wake up early, should compartmentalise different parts of your day into different segments, figure out your most productive hours and work accordingly and remember to have an optimistic approach towards your academic domain, as slacking and faltering will merely cause your dilemmas to aggravate.

Talk To A Peer Or Professor :

When you feel as if you are unable to understand a subject matter, remember to ask a peer or professor for help, as they’re more than likely to provide you with a roadmap to follow. They’re likely to help you understand the little distinctions of a subject, are likely to help you find a sense of footing and will most likely provide you with the sense of sustenance you need when you feel as if a hurdle is blockading your pathway to success.

Overall, when you are working to eliminate the hurdles that engulf you, then it is important to practise patience, be committed to your task at hand, and have faith in yourself.



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