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3 Things That Stands in The Way of Students

By Essays Tigers on Monday, December 30th, 2019 No Comments

The path to success is never simplified. When you are on the journey to achieve greatness, you are bound to face a barricade of challenges which will hold you back. In the moment of encounter with these issues, you will have one of two options- to give up or to fight back and strive forward.

The journey of the university is muddled with obstructions. Students struggle with problems on a day to day basis. However, three issues hold students back the most. These are:

The individual

Your greatest enemy at university is you. Often, without even realising, you can be your rival. This happens when you place an excessive amount of expectations on the self, which are impossible to achieve. Hence, when the goal remains unfulfilled, your self-efficacy decreases. Following this, your motivation and dedication to perform other projects also reduce gradually.

This cycle continues without your conscious knowledge. As a result, you need to take a step back and reflect on the intensity of your thoughts and behaviours. Based on this, you can set up new, achievable goals for yourself, and push yourself to complete them proficiently.

Time constraints

Time is another barrier in your path to success. At university, you may find yourself wishing for extra hours in a day, to get your work completed on time. However, your wishes will never come true. Keeping this in mind, you are required to find another method to help yourself get everything done in a limited frame of time.

This can include hiring an essay writer UK for projects, multi-tasking while studying, adjusting the work schedule or taking assistance with the acts of daily living. Although time management may come at a financial cost, your path to achieving your goal will be relatively clearer.

Dependent learning

Dependent learning is an aspect of higher education that is present, even when no one supports it. This type of learning coerces students to work in a group of their peers, so they can form the ability to work with others civilly.

However, group work can be the biggest hurdle that you may face. Working with other students can be frustrating, intolerable and exhausting. You may be assigned a group in which you are the only person who is working, or you may have to work with strong-headed individuals with conflicting ideas.

In order to overcome this issue, you need to work on your patience. You need to know that while you are part of the team, you are still playing for yourself. So, work extra hard, do what needs to be done and make sure that you give everything you have, and more to the project at hand.

While you may face these problems at university, you need to fight back and give everything you have to reach the finish line. You may end up bruised, broken and tired, but at least you will know that you survived!

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