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How to Turn Your Weakness into Strength with Ease

By Essays Tigers on Monday, December 30th, 2019 No Comments

“Every weakness contains within itself a strength.”
― Shusaku Endo

Weaknesses in people are disguised strengths. These traits are the definition of humanity. A person’s weakness distinguishes them from others and makes them stand out. Hence, the flaws in the individual are what make them special.

The negative connotations attached to the term are widely the reasons why it holds power over people. One’s weakness is not a definition of who they are. Neither is their strength. A person is perceived, only how they want to be perceived. However, when a person starts viewing their weakness as a strength, they can move past all the major complexities faced in life.

To turn a flaw into an asset is not a difficult skill. It requires a thorough understanding of the self and the ability to look past the negatives. You can turn your weaknesses into strengths by following the ensuing tips:

Relinquish the shame

Your weaknesses control your behaviour because you allow them to. The shame you feel as a result of your lacking can end up determining how you behave. To look past it, you need to embrace it. Let go of the shame. Understand that you are only human. While you may lack certain traits, you hold others that can compensate for them.

Introspect deeply

You cannot turn your weaknesses into strengths when you don’t know what they are. In order to recognise the shortcomings, introspection is necessary. By looking inside yourself, you can identify the areas that you excel at and the areas which may not be aligned with your skillset.

One method of introspection is “me-time.” You can dedicate ten minutes of your day to performing this activity. Sit at a comfortable spot, and think about everything that took place during the day. On this basis, highlight the area within you that you would want to improve. While you identify them, do not hold on to them. Rather, touch them gently and commit the self to work on these areas in the future.

Come up with alternative solutions

Alternative solutions are the key to survival in life. There is no single answer to anything in the world. You can always find different ways to perform the things you are not good at. For instance, if writing it your weakness, you can hire essay writing help.

The creativity you put in the solutions can turn your weakness into a strength.

Be happy with the outcome

Essentially, your reaction to the actions determines the way you view your shortcomings. Regardless of what happens, you must accept and appreciate the outcome. Try your best to succeed, and know that you did everything in your power. Once you stop being outcome-oriented, your weaknesses will be no longer significant for you. On the contrary, your focus will be your strength.

When you refuse to view your weaknesses as a fault in you, you can truly accept and use them to your advantage. Your flaws make you, you. So, hold on to them tightly!

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