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Five Problem-Solution Essay Topics To Get You Started!

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It’s past midnight. Elena is sitting in front of a laptop, under a lamp, holding a paper and a pencil. The blank word page depicts her state of despair. She has to write an essay but hasn’t decided on a topic yet. She’s hammering her brain, trying to come up with topics, but she couldn’t! Every passing second is pushing her deep inside the oceans of hopelessness. She scrolls through different Google searches to look for answers, a thought crosses her mind to copy-paste from her friend’s essay, but she wants to write something original! Something that is fixed to her reader’s mind, the thoughts that resonate her soul, mind and heart and echo far after they have been put down on the paper.


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When writing an essay, the most common struggle is to decide a topic or a mind-blowing idea to start with. Especially when you’re writing a problem-solution essay, coming up with a topic is similar to getting blood out of a stone!

Still struggling to decide which topic to go with? When coming across a topic or issue that gives butterflies in your stomach and develops a passion in you, then you’d know that’s the one! It’s an effective strategy to sort ideas and identify those that you think would be easier to write. Don’t get yourself into trouble by selecting complicated topics in which you have less or zero interest, nor have any prior knowledge to write about.

Before finalising a topic, you should consider if the issue has any logical solutions, something that is actionable and under human capabilities.

If you’re still juggling with ideas, then don’t fret! In this blog, we are going to offer you twenty problem-solution essay topics that will help you to get rolling. Each topic example reflects current global issues (cultural, political, and social) and consists of possibilities to solve. You don’t even have to do the hard work, just pick one of the topics, search for a few examples and facts related to the idea and here you go – a perfect problem-solution essay is ready to submit! So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

  1. Problem: Illegal Immigrants

Illegal and undocumented immigrants are not only a problem in the west. In fact, Europe and Asian countries are also facing a similar issue.

  • Solution#1: Countries should immediately deport every unauthorised immigrant currently residing in the country. Strict crackdown against undocumented immigrants should be implemented to solve the issue.
  • Solution#2: Government should make effective policies to address undocumented immigrants issue by permitting them asylum or permanent citizenship.
  • Solution#3: What policies should be made to address trade problems between South American countries that lead to Immigration?
  • Solution#4: What measures should be taken by the United Nations to address the problems of refugees coming from worn-torn countries?
  1. Problem: Police Brutalities against people of colour

Police brutality against black people in the United States of America is the rising concern, which needs immediate attention. This is one of the hot topics nowadays, and you’ll find a plethora of resources about this over the internet.

  • Solution#1: Local Government should take strict action against police officers who are involved in such gruesome conduct.
  • Solution#2: Communities should have the power to vote and select the head of the police department. They should have the authority to review and evaluate the policies on which the police department operates. The induction of new police officers should be held under strict scrutiny.
  • Solution#3: Awareness programs related to racism and cultural differences should be conducted within the police department.
  1. Problem: Rushing debts of students loans

Being a student yourself, you must know how hard it is for a fresh graduate to repay student loans. Provided with a saturated job market, it takes at least a year to get hands-on a good job and gather finances to repay the debt.

  • Solution#1: Government should come up with effective policies to lessen the burden of fresh graduates. They should build a body or institute, exclusively to safeguard students from capital sucking bankers and credit loan institutions.
  • Solution#2: State universities should not be allowed to increase tuition fees, or increase tuition fees should not be applied to students who are already enrolled in the university.
  1. Problem: Environmental Pollution, Climate Change, Global Warming

Coronavirus is not the only existential crisis human beings are currently facing! Climate change and environmental pollution are topping the list of grave concerns that are threatening human life on this planet.

  • Solution#1: Government should fund and facilitate awareness programs so that communities can take necessary measures to prevent pollution.
  • Solution#2: Government should ban the use of plastic entirely! Public places should be made free of plastic, especially beaches and rivers.
  • Solution#3: There should be strict policies against those institutions such as factories that pollute the environment.
  1. Problem: Technology addiction

Technology has its fair share of boons and banes. Just like too much of anything can be poisonous; similarly, the excessive use of technology can be detrimental to one’s mental health, interpersonal relationships and many more.

  • Solution#1: Parents should limit their children from using a digital gadget. Or at least allocate strict timings for its usage.
  • Solution#2: There should be a separate course in the curriculum, focusing on the moderate and safe use of technology.
  • Solution#3: Government should establish a few technology-free zones in public places, where technology is not a necessity such as amusement parks, gardens etc.

Now that you have a list of problems and their solutions, all you have to do is to pick one from it, do some researching, gather some facts & stats and get started! Good luck!

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