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How to make an essay longer

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There’s no exaggeration in saying that every student hates it when given the prospect of writing a lengthy piece of assignment or essay! The situation gets even tougher when you run out of words and concepts to add further and make it longer to reach your teacher’s given word count requirement.

And the next thing you would do is to start stuffing up your essay with lousy adjectives, turning “18” into “eighteen” to add more characters, repetitions, and dragging one concept into one or two sentences to increase the word count limit. Not only do these tactics make your essay worse but also hard to read.

Well, this happens… Despite all the challenges a student has to endure during college, writing a lengthy academic essay seems to be the toughest nut to crack. Even if you have been researching and typing for what it feels like ages, you still found to be far behind the word count requirement. You start getting desperate and look for all the creative tactics to elongate your essay, including increasing the font size, adding more references, and getting super fluffy with your descriptions.

You have clicked this article means you’re stuck with your academic essay and looking for ways to stretch it and meet the word count requirement. Well, fret not! You’ve come to the right place! With the help of essay writing service UK, we have gathered all the smart tactics to help you elongate your paper without making it redundant and hard to read. Scroll down and thank us later!

  • Make sure you have added every required point

In the midst of chaos, writing an essay when there is a deadline hovering over the head, students usually skip adding some points that are required to complete the assignment on time. While they are at it, they realise that they don’t have many concepts and ideas to complete the word count requirement. The most classic tactic to elongate your essay is to add every freaking thing which is required so that you don’t have to sit thinking of foolish ways to drag your essay to the defined limit. In case you forgot to write 2-3 paragraphs focusing on the opposing arguments that could be the most apparent reason why your essay is still 2-3 pages behind the requirement.

  • Use Examples

Just when you’re sure that you have added every single detail in your essay and have nothing left to add further, try adding examples to reach the word limit. Look back at all claims and concepts you made in your paper, and see if you back those ideas up with examples. If you didn’t, try including a bit of example and research to prove your claim is authentic and accurate. Examples will not only strengthen your arguments but also make your paper well-researched and authentic.

Let’s say you’re writing an unemployment essay – you could include an example of an unemployed person struggling to make ends meet, or you can add a reference to the country’s unemployment situation and newbie graduates who have just entered into the job. See, if there’s any complex concept which needs further explanation and examples to make it understandable. Your professor would be impressed to see your concepts are backed with examples and authentic research.

  • Stuff it up with transitional words

Oh, so your essay is shorter than the requirement; hence, you are required to add some transitional phrases because they fill in space and make it lengthier. On the other hand, this tactic could also make your essay a bit wordier; therefore, it is extremely necessary to add transitional words where necessary, just like what we have done in this paragraph.

Are you running out of transitional phrases? Don’t worry! Take a look at this to refresh your vocabulary:

  • Therefore
  • Hence
  • Firstly, Secondly…
  • In conclusion…
  • Similarly, Likewise,
  • Equally so…
  • Whereas,
  • However,
  • On the other hand,
  • While,
  • Despite all,
  • Regardless,
  • With regards to this,
  • As a matter of fact,
  • Considering this/that
  • Under these circumstances,
  • With reference to this…


  • Say no to contractions

Online chatting and text messages have definitely changed the way we communicate. Along with many items of baggage that come with quick online chatting, the use of contractions is one of them.  First off, the most obvious rule of academic writing is not to use contractions and abbreviations. The contractions should not even be used in formal writing style, so if you’re stuffing up your paper with doesn’t, won’t and can’t, make sure to replace them with does not, do not, will not and cannot.

  • Use quotations

Quotes are usually considered the additional element to add in your paper. The use of quotes is mostly taken as an easy way out to meet the word count requirement, but when you use them smartly throughout your paper, you can really turn the tables in your favour! Make sure that the used quotes are authentic and relevant to the content of your essay. Don’t forget to cite the reference from where they are taken and also ensure that each of the quotes is written in the correct format.

When you have applied all the above tactics to elongate your essay, but still left with one page to go for! Then, we have something more to offer! Follow these steps, and we are pretty sure you won’t leave with any of the space to fill in further.

  • Formatting:

Try increasing font size from 13 to 13.5, add a longer header, split paragraphs and give them the separate heading to make your essay look lengthier.

  • Spell out numbers

Try spelling out all the numbers in your essay. You can also switch a percentage sign % to “percent”.

That’s all… if you have more cunning ways to make the essay lengthier, then help out your fellow students and let them know by adding them in the comment box below.

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