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Imagine planning a trip to study nature in its natural state. On that expedition, you require a protected place to settle and formulate your strategies. Subsequently, you construct a small wooden cabin, built with precision. The dense wooden walls appeal to your eyes while the four-walled structure provides you with safety from the dangers that lie in the wild.

Although, imagine the rough wood as full of splinters, thus having the potential to result in probable harm which itself, can cause bleeding. In the wild, many animals- including tigers, have a heightened sense of smell, that when triggered, can result in an attack.

Similarly, when a student composes an academic project that is written to perfection in terms of its content, the errors present in writing can lead to an ambush on the student’s grade. For that reason, Essays Tigers has introduced its proofreading and editing services, so our editing department can attack and eliminate the threats before they impact the client’s grade.

We have hired professional editors who have had years of experience in the field. Consequently, they are able to examine the written document word by word and exonerate any potentialities that may cause harm to the client’s overall CGPA.

Shield Your Academic Project From Errors!

At Essays Tigers, an academic projects comprising of any forms of errors is unacceptable. Hence, when our writers conclude the composition of the client’s documents, our editing teams take over to certify its exposure to any form of errors. Furthermore, we offer Proofreading Services to our customers which encourages the students to exercise and improve their own writing skills. Essentially, when students avail our editing service, they turn in their document and allow our editing teams to turn it into a masterpiece.

We scan the academic project, word by word and test it out for the following errors. Once, identified, our editing teams collaborate with our writers to make the required changes. The errors we frequently encounter are related to:

  • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors: A magnitude of the students who struggle with English due to language barriers find it difficult to compose sentences that demonstrate coherency in the subject and the verb. Consequently, our editing teams identify the inconsistency and repair it.
  • Fragmented sentences: Due to the difficulty in expressing language, students often formulate sentences that are brief and incomplete. This demonstrates an informal languages in the overall document. For that reason, our editing department is quick to analyse these fragments and provide a solution to fix it.
  • Punctuation errors: When a sentence is constructed with misplaced punctuation, the entire context of the sentence can be changed. As a result, it is essential for students to place proper punctuations
  • Spelling errors: Despite the presence of application software programs, students struggle with spelling in a sense that they use the word a certain word in a wrong context. For instance, students often make errors when using the wrong form of ‘there’ or ‘their.’ Subsequently, our editors make the necessary changes to make the document hundred percent error free!
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