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At university level, time is the vital ingredient that students lack the most. Hence, when assigned with the project of writing literature reviews, the never ending struggle makes it appearance. Writing a credible literature review requires hours of research from a magnitude of sources. Furthermore, once the research is concluded, a student is asked to analyse it critically and compose a review that is written with precision. On that account, students desire for a fairy god mother of their own. This is where Essays Tigers steps in. Akin to the fairy god mother, we offer magic in our services. However, our contrasting distinction is the permanency of our product. When we compose exceptional literature reviews, our magic is evident to anyone who has access to it. Moreover, our literature review service refuses to work alone. We have employed teams of professional researchers, expert writers and attentive proof readers who certify the durability of our magic!


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Literature Reviews are a form of writing that includes the work of previous researchers in the field. In regards to this, they should be written in a manner that it honours the preceding researchers while identifying the area of weaknesses in their work. Hence, the task of composing a literature review is copious in complexities.

Due to the extensive amount of experience our writers have had with literature review writing, we are able to follow a proper literature review structure that allows our work to remain formal. We take the ensuing steps into consideration before composing a literature review in order to produce a prodigious outcome:

  • Comprehend the topic: The foremost aspect that we take into consideration is the comprehension of the topic. We understand the university’s demand when it comes to limiting the writing in order to fit the topic requirements.
  • Devise a research strategy: Next, our teams of researchers collaborate with the clients to formulate a strategy to conduct the research. Once the clients sends us an ‘okay signal’ our research teams direct our writers to compose a flawless document.
  • Conduct a critical evaluation: As our employees are experts in various fields, they have perfected their skills of critically analysing the researches. Furthermore, they hold a particular skill set in writing that permits them to criticize the literature in a respectable manner. Ergo, the previously conducted work is not disregarded. During this process, we examine the research in terms of its reliability, validity, and presence of any biases or prejudices that could have confounded the results. Furthermore, we compare the literature with other studies on a similar topic to ensure the consistency of its results.
  • Compile the document: Essentially, we assemble the literature review document in a proper order. We introduce the topic with a captivating introductory paragraph. Next, we include body paragraphs that elaborate our evidences. We ensure that the transitions between our paragraphs demonstrates coherency. Lastly, we conclude the review with a concluding paragraph that highlights the key ideas, limitations of the study and offers an opinion on the selected literature.

By this means, we construct literature reviews that are written with excellence and integrity.

How To Write A Literature Review

Writing a literature review requires the learning of skills in four of the ensuing disciplines:

  • Researching: The most vital skills required when constructing a literature review is finding and selecting proper research. In regards to this, multiple sources should be scanned to find the appropriate research to review.
  • Synthesising: Additionally, in order for the reader to understand the review, one is required to have the abilities to precisely explain the context of the literature. At this stage, it is essential to only include the vital elements of the study and present them in a summarised manner.
  • Critically analysing: As a requirement of writing a literature review, the critical investigation is an essential skill. Hence, one should comprehensively scan the literature and analyse it in terms of the recent advancements in the field.
  • Compiling: The compilation process of a literature review is vital in terms of providing authenticity to the document. Hence, it should follow a pattern of formality and should be written with accurate grammar, sentence construction and vocabulary.

    Due to the amount of time taken work upon these skills, our website extends our services to assist students while they can augment their skills.

    In addition to this, our customer service representatives are ever present so our clients can get in touch with us and clear any problem that may pop up in their minds. Moreover, with our revisions policy present, clients can be in charge of their documents and work with our writers to make any changes within the document. We conduct business with ethics, thus our clients are always assured about the confidentiality of the transactions.
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